Mark W. Chamberlain

Chief Executive Officer
CWS®, AWMA®, AIF®, C(k)P®

Mark Chamberlain, Chief Executive Officer, started Lakeside Financial Group in 2002. As the firm grew to Lakeside Wealth Management, Mark added several key players to Lakeside’s line-up, which now includes 39 team members. Mark focuses on both private wealth and retirement plan advising. He’s a national advisor and also serves clients in Central America.

Tim Rice

AIF©, CWS©, C(k)P©

Tim Rice, President, has over 15 years of experience in the finance industry. He began his career at Lakeside Wealth Management in 2004. Tim focuses in both private wealth and retirement plan advising.

Chip Mang

Chief Investment Officer
CFP®, CWS®, AIF®, C(k)P®

Chip Mang, Chief Investment Officer, has been with Lakeside for nearly 15 years. Starting as a Financial Advisor, Chip currently leads the Asset Management Division. His team is responsible for evaluating and maintaining investment models, updating the firm with industry trends and researching firm products. Chip also has focuses in both private wealth and corporate retirement planning. Chip enjoys building long lasting relationships with his clients and helping them plan for their financial futures.

Timothy J. VerSchure

Senior Vice President
AIF©, CWS©, C(k)P©

Tim VerSchure joined the Lakeside Wealth Management team in 2008 as a Financial Advisor. Today, Tim serves as Senior Vice President of Lakeside. As head of the Retirement Plan Division, Tim oversees 180+ corporate and institutional accounts. For his private wealth clients, Tim focuses on designing and implementing financial planning strategies that align with their retirement goals.

Jocelyn Hibshman

Chief Compliance Officer Long-Term Care Planning Specialist

Jocelyn Hibshman, Chief Compliance Officer and Long Term Care Planning Specialist, has been with Lakeside for over 15 years. Jocelyn’s wide array of responsibilities include handling the firm’s finances, establishing and implementing business strategies, and ensuring the firm meets and exceeds all compliance guidelines.

Craig Draper

Director of Qualified Plans & In House Counsel

Craig Draper, Retirement Plan Consultant and In House Counsel, has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Craig’s main responsibility is servicing corporate retirement plan clients in our South Bend area. Additionally, Craig focuses on client relationship management and development, plan design review and recommendations, and fiduciary management.

Elizabeth A. Adcock

Director of Strategic Development

Elizabeth Marks, Director of Strategic Development, has over 15 years of experience in the finance industry. She began her career at Lakeside Wealth Management in 2010 in operations and client services. Today, Elizabeth leads the merger and acquisition department for Lakeside, helping to transition new advisors, business owners, and clients into the Lakeside culture. Elizabeth also focuses on our custodial relationships with Pershing Advisor Solutions and TDA and oversees marketing for the firm.

Aaron Adcock

Director of Wealth Management Division
CWS©, C(k)P©

Aaron Adcock, Director of Wealth Management Division, has over 15 years of experience in the finance industry. Aaron educates, mentors, and trains the next generation of Lakeside advisors to become leaders in the industry. He is responsible for coordinating training and continuing education for advisors, as well as, making sure we hold important and current industry designations. For our private wealth division, Aaron handles complex financial planning and strategizing that aligns with our client’s financial goals. As the director of his division, Aaron is also responsible for making sure his team meets and exceeds annual firm goals.

Kelly Shikany

Director of Wealth Management Division

Kelly Shikany, Financial Advisor, has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. Kelly leads the women and wealth initiative at Lakeside. In 2013 Kelly’s passion for this topic was displayed when she contributed material to Kathleen Burns Kingsbury’s book “How to Give Financial Advice to Couples: Essential Skills for Balancing High New Worth Client’s Needs.” Kelly’s main focus at Lakeside is serving her private wealth clients along with promoting and conducting Lakeside’s Women Circle events.

Nick Walding

Director of Portfolio Management

Nick Walding, Director of Portfolio Management, started at Lakeside as an intern while attending Valparaiso University. After earning his Chartered Financial Analysis® (CFA) designation, Nick transitioned into his current role. His main focus is to develop and implement investment strategies to address client investment objectives and constraints. Nick is also responsible for measuring and evaluating portfolio performance, monitoring investment market conditions and rebalancing investment portfolios as necessary.

Amanda Herren

Director of HR & Technology

Amanda Herren, Director of HR/Technology and Executive Assistant to the CEO, wears several different hats for the Lakeside team. Her primary focus includes developing processes around new employee onboarding and training, coordinating and maintaining employee files and serving as a benefits liaison to the team. Her technology duties include research and implementation of new applications, electronics, and resources for the team. She also troubleshoots IT issues and coordinates technology support from our local IT agency. Since joining the team in 2013, Amanda has also served as the right-hand woman to Lakeside’s CEO, Mark Chamberlain.

John Masterson

Retirement Plan Consultant
AIF®, QPFC®, C(k)P®

John Masterson, Retirement Plan Consultant, has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. John’s main focuses include helping plan sponsors to mitigate their fiduciary responsibilities, lead fiduciary training for retirement plan committees, and serving as the lead advisor to plan sponsors for investment oversights, compliance fulfillment, best practices and plan governance.

Michael DeLeon

Retirement Plan Consultant
AIF©, CWS©, C(k)P©

Michael DeLeon, Retirement Plan Consultant, began his career at Lakeside as an intern from Indiana University Northwest. Shortly after passing his licensing and certification exams, Michael transitioned into a Financial Advisor, focusing primarily on corporate retirement plan advising. Today, Michael’s primary focus remains on the corporate retirement plan division, helping plan sponsors navigate through and satisfy Department of Labor and ERISA fiduciary responsibilities, assisting plan sponsors execute best practices, working with plan sponsors to optimize plan design, educating participants on financial wellness and helping participants get retirement ready.

Tom Muldowney

Financial Advisor

Tom Muldowney, Financial Advisor, joined the Lakeside team with over 25 years of experience in financial services. Tom serves both private wealth clients and corporate 401(k) clients at Lakeside. His focuses include conducting client meetings and follow ups, researching financial strategies for clients and helping guide clients through retirement planning. When asked what he loves most about being a financial advisor, Tom will tell you he thrives on the unique opportunities to help make positive differences in the lives of his clients.

Chris Ylo

Financial Advisor
AIF©, C(k)P®

Chris Ylo, Financial Advisor, joined the Lakeside team with over 25 years of exceptional service in the financial industry. As a seasoned professional, Chris has focuses in both individual wealth management and corporate 401(k) planning. He enjoys helping his clients navigate their financial journey to retirement and successfully transitioning into life after retirement. For Chris, there’s nothing better than getting invited to a client’s retirement party!

Chris Frain

Financial Advisor
CWS®, CRPS®, C(k)P®

Chris Frain, Financial Advisor, serves Lakeside clients in both the Retirement Plan Division and the Private Wealth Division. Chris specializes in retirement planning for administrators, teachers and staff in our local school corporations. This includes evaluating pensions and educating clients on their 403(b), 401(a), 457 or VEBA plans. Inside the Retirement Plan Division, Chris assists in plan design, plan review and participant education while his focus inside the Private Wealth Division includes walking his clients through the retirement planning journey and helping them transition into life after retirement.

Kris Hornyak

Financial Advisor

Kris Hornyak, Financial Advisor, services clients in both private wealth and corporate retirement plan divisions. His main focuses include helping his clients set and achieve financial goals, researching complex retirement strategies and participating in on-site corporate retirement plan meetings. Kris also sits on Lakeside’s Client Engagement committee and leads educational workshops for clients several times a year, regarding household budgeting and financial literacy for kids.

Cory Helmbrecht

Financial Advisor

Cory Helmbrecht, Financial Advisor, began his career in finance even before graduating from Purdue North Central. Cory serves as an advisor in Lakeside’s private wealth division. He is responsible for organizing and preparing client meetings, following up with client tasks, and researching strategies to help his clients along their financial journey. As one of the younger advisors in the office, Cory focuses on educating and advising a younger client base, stressing the importance of saving now rather than later. When needed, Cory also assists the retirement plan division with participant enrollment meetings and committee presentations.

Kirk Futrell

Financial Advisor

Kirk Futrell, Financial Advisor, has over 25 years of experience in the finance industry, At Lakeside Kirk’s primary focuses include researching financial strategies for private wealth clients as they work towards their retirement goals. Kirk is also our Social Security leader. He educates the staff and our clients on complex filing strategies and best practices in the Social Security space. Kirk plays a pivotal role in transitioning clients into retirement and helping them adjust to life during retirement.

Megan Marshall

Financial Advisor

Megan Marshall, Financial Advisor began her career at Lakeside shortly after graduating from Purdue University. Her focus primarily resides in the private wealth division, serving as a team advisor under CEO, Mark Chamberlain. Megan’s responsibilities include client meeting preparation and follow up, market research, data analysis and assisting the retirement plan division with participant enrollment meetings. She has become a leading advisor for next generation clients, helping young adults start their financial journeys. Megan also works closely with advisor Kelly Shikany to promote and execute Lakeside Women’s Circle events.

Edward A. Cheatham

Financial Advisor

Ed Cheatham, Financial Advisor, has over 30 years of experience inside the financial industry. His vast knowledge in the space allows him to focus on both individual wealth and retirement plan advising. Ed’s approach to advising involves creating life long relationships with his clients before, during and after retirement. He believes that it’s possible to do well by doing good!

Walter Johnson

Registered Sales Assistant

Walter “Wally” Johnson has been a part of the Lakeside Team for over 10 years. His primary focus is working with our qualified plans team in the areas of participant enrollment and education. Wally enjoys meeting individually with plan participants to discuss what their company retirement plan offers and answering questions about how to get started.

Jenn Brown

Corporate Communications Manager

Jenn Brown, Corporate Communications Manager has over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry. Jenn is the face behind Lakeside’s social media, press releases, and community relations. Her primary focus is to increase the visibility of the firm through traditional and digital media marketing. She manages all social media platform, is responsible for creating and submitting all public relations content and designs advertising pieces for the firm. Jenn serves as the liaison between Lakeside and community, working with more than fifteen area non-profits. Internally, Jenn leads the Lakeside Experience team, constantly working to ensure the best service for our clients and our team.

Hunter Mang

Client Services Associate - Asset Management Division

Hunter Mang serves as a Client Services Associate in Lakeside’s Asset Management Division. Hunter joined the firm after graduating for Purdue University in the spring of 2018. His primary responsibilities are executing trades on a daily basis, assisting advisors with portfolio implementation and tracking client data within Lakeside’s CRM software applications. Hunter plays a pivotal role in monitoring performance and holdings of various models and providing a complete progress overview for the team. Additionally, he coordinates vendor communications and appointments on behalf of Lakeside advisors.

Mindy Reineke

Registered Sales Assistant

Mindy Reineke, Registered Sales Assistant, joined the Lakeside team with over 15 years of experience in the finance industry. Her responsibilities include developing and maintaining client relationships, completing and following up with client requests, preparing for client meetings, and performing research and special projects. Her focus is on overall client support and enhancing the Lakeside client experience. Mindy also participates in the education and enrollment meetings for the qualified plan division and she sits on the Lakeside Experience Team Committee.

Kelley Wisenbacher

Operations Coordinator - Retirement Plan Division

Kelley Weisenbacher, Senior Operations Coordinator – Retirement Plan Division, has been with Lakeside for nearly 15 years. She began as an Administrative Assistant and has held several positions at Lakeside before transitioning into her current role. Kelley’s main focuses include coordinating all committee level plan reporting with the advisory team, ensuring follow up tasks are completed in a timely manner and coordinating work flow within the retirement plan division. When she’s not in the office, you can find Kelley serving on multiple committees, directing plays or coordinating Shakespeare in the Park for Chicago Street Theater.

Anisha Curless

Executive Assistant Participant Education Coordinator

Anisha Curless, Executive Assistant and Participant Education Coordinator, began her career at the “front of the house” for Lakeside as the Client Services Associate. Shortly after she started, Anisha was given the opportunity to step into a new role as Executive Assistant to Lakeside’s Senior Vice President, Tim VerSchure. Anisha’s main focuses include preparing meeting notes, managing multiple schedules, and completing expense reports. Anisha also serves as Lakeside’s Participant Education Coordinator, which adds organizing and scheduling enrollment and committee meetings, preparing advisor presentations and assisting in the onboarding process for all new qualified plans, to her daily duties.

Amanda Calvert

Operations Coordinator
QKA®, Retirement Plan Division

Amanda Calvert, Operations Coordinator – Retirement Plan Division, started her career with Lakeside as the Client Relations Associate. After assisting the Retirement Plan Division with several projects, Amanda began a complete role transition, landing in her current position as operations coordinator. Her primary focuses include preparing committee review material, coordinating plan level reporting, helping to oversee plan implementation and following up on plan level action items. Amanda is responsible for collaborating with the operations team to develop innovative processes that create efficiencies within the division.

Elaine Anderson

Senior Client Services Associate

Elaine Anderson, Senior Client Services Associate, has nearly 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Elaine serves Lakeside clients by assisting in asset movement, opening and maintaining accounts, and tracking account activity. Her outstanding organizational skills help the advisors on her team succeed every day.

Kristin Lange

Client Relations Associate

Kristin Lange, Client Relations Associate, joined the Lakeside team in July of 2017. Kristin is the first point of contact for clients whether they are calling into the office or walking in for a meeting. She is responsible for coordinating conference room schedules, managing day to day office tasks and presenting our Lakeside culture to our clients. Kristin helps build a better client experience by participating on Lakeside’s Client Engagement team and has implemented a “green” initiative throughout the Lakeside office.

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