July 18, 2019  |  Written By Elizabeth Marks

Sounds a bit like the beginning of a country song, doesn’t it? Just needs a line or two about my truck, my daddy, and my dog…but it’s my life! There are a lot of small family-owned businesses in NWI which is why I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it doesn’t go without its challenges.    I started working for…


July 3, 2019  |  Written By Anisha Curless

As a wife of a high school basketball coach and a mother of a toddler, basketball season means a lot of time on the bleachers, cheering, traveling, fundraisers and constantly adjusting schedules throughout the week. Did I also mention, getting your toddler excited to go to the games?   It may seem like a lot and yes, it can be, but…


June 20, 2019  |  Written By Nick Walding

Many success stories tend to focus heavily on those “rags-to-riches” stories—those astute persons who amassed their fortunes by making highly concentrated business investments. Entrepreneurs such as Ken Langone of Home Depot and Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame have become incredibly wealthy by focusing all their time, energy, and capital into one single company. While these…


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