May 21, 2020  |  Written By Amanda Herren

Recently, I celebrated another year at Lakeside, and it made me reflect on what I love about working here. Most people working full-time jobs spend more time at work than they do at home. More time with their coworkers than their families. Yet, I think its rare to find a company, job, and coworkers that you truly enjoy spending 5 days a week with, week in and week out. Well I hate to spoil the ending, but I love this place! 

I started at Lakeside the same year I was getting married, graduating with my bachelor’s degree and buying a house with my husband….talk about a crazy year! But I remember I was most nervous about starting a new job. Your first day on a job is like your first day of school; will people talk to me, will people like me (and vice versa), will I make friends, and most importantly, would I like my job?

I will tell you that the answer to all those questions was YES. I was welcomed to Lakeside with open arms and was even thrown a small bridal shower one month after I worked here; what a welcoming! My coworkers are my second family, hands down. They have seen me at my best, worst and everything in between. 

They helped comfort me when I had a miscarriage. They knew I was pregnant before my family did each time. They knew the gender of my children the same time my husband and I found out. Maybe I can’t keep secrets well, maybe it’s because I was so sick with my pregnancies that I had to tell them they weren’t going to catch this “flu” or maybe it was because I wanted to share my joy with them. Who knows, but regardless of the reason, celebrating with them was all that mattered. 

I now have two small children and they know most of my coworkers’ names, they hang out with my coworkers’ children and they’ve been babysat by my coworkers and their older children. It is absolutely the most heartwarming thing when my oldest asks if we can “go to mama’s work today”. 

 I don’t hesitate to reach out to one of them if I have a handyman question or if I need someone to house sit my dogs or if I need to borrow clothing from one of them. I enjoy hanging out with my coworkers on nights and weekends and never balk at the idea of it. In short, my coworkers always have my back. And likewise, I have theirs. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them!

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