March 5, 2020  |  Written By Jennifer Brown

Retail shopping is easy. You go to the store (or website) pick out what you like and hand over your credit card. You assume the cost of the item you’re purchasing equates to the value of said item, right? Easy! But what happens with the item is you? How do you determine what your price tag is? 

#MotivationMondays would tell you that you’re priceless. Great – but I don’t exactly see an infinite amount of money in my bank account for all my skills! I’m your average, 30-something wife, mother and girl next door. I’ve been in marketing since before I graduated college….let’s just call that over ten years. I love being creative. I’m pretty good at social media. I’m not half bad with design work. I see myself as good but not absolutely freaking amazing. So when acquaintances or business colleagues ask me to help them with marketing-related things, my answer to the “how much do you charge” question leaves me with that “uhhh, hmmm, wellll…..” answer that inevitably leads to “don’t worry about it – pick up my drink next time we go out,” or “it literally took me three minutes, don’t worry about it!” 

Honestly, sometimes those things only take me a minute or two (replace your face in this picture? Sure, quick and easy)! But sometimes, creating a social media calendar can take a while….like “pick up my next ten drinks and four dinners” – while. 

Recently my husband overheard a conversation I was having with someone I had only met a few months prior. “Sure, I can help. Let’s sit down next Tuesday night. Oh, don’t worry about it. Seriously, we’ll just meet to come up with a plan. Ok, bye!” I looked up at my husband to find his “you did it again” look. “What”, I asked. “Seriously Jenn, you could buy three new pairs of shoes if you’d actually charge for your work.” Yes, I like shoes. That led to a big conversation about being great, not good, at what I do. And if I’m great at what I do, my value (in this case my cost) should reflect that. 

Here’s the thing, if I wasn’t great at what I do, people wouldn’t ask me for help. And – people ask me for help, fully expecting to pay for my services. 

So, here’s my #MondayMotovation for everyone who thinks they are just ok at what they do, thus never creating value for themselves. Would you come to you if you needed help in your area of expertise? If the answer is yes, google what others charge in your area for your service and adjust from there. Because at the end of the day, you are worth way more than you give yourself credit for so put a price tag on it! 

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