August 15, 2019  |  Written By Elizabeth Marks

Have you ever heard that super annoying phrase, “you get out- what you put in”? It’s the worst……the worst. It’s this really passive-aggressive phrase that haunts you a little bit, and when someone says it to you…you want to say it back in that mocking tone and stick your tongue out a little. Yeah…me either… 

Just kidding! I hear it plenty and I’m finding that as I age (ever so gracefully) that I say it to myself a little bit. I see people at work reading up on our industry more than I do, I see people at the gym sweating more than I do, I see moms making balanced, grandiose dinners for their families, I see wives doting on their husbands more than I do, I see people giving back more than I do….the list goes on and on.   

So when I see these things the guilt train comes a-rollin-on-in. In my head, I hear, “Choo-choo, read more Run faster! You made them mac n cheese? Iron his shirts,” and the caboose, “Choo-choo, write a bigger check to that non-profit. I feel like I’m not alone in this which makes me feel a little better, but at the same time, it’s a very lonely place in my mind. And once you’re there, in that dark dusty corner (of course it’s dusty, add it to the list)- it’s easy to just say, “forget it!”   

My question and call to action lie here, what can we do to get motivated to put good stuff in, and get good stuff out? I think the key in this is to recognize that you can’t do it all- men and women the same. You can’t be all things to all people- so maybe it’s time to make a list. Do you know how good it feels to cross items off a list? Forget trophies- this is where it’s at.  Prioritize and write it down or it’ll never be real.     

Here’s mine…. 

  1. Make an awesome dinner for the family twice a week. The rest of the week- just make sure there are veggies and fruit on the plate.  
  2. Hit the gym six days a week….two to train with a trainer and four cardio days. (I’ve got seven months done people– cardio is the worst!) 
  3. Read one industry article a week that is slightly over my head, and two industry articles a week that pertain to my particular job.   
  4. For my non-profit of choice- make a board contribution that is comfortable for my budget and give it my all at the meetings or on committees.  
  5. Take his shirts to the dry cleaner- because ironing is dumb.  Seriously.
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