July 3, 2019  |  Written By Anisha Curless

As a wife of a high school basketball coach and a mother of a toddler, basketball season means a lot of time on the bleachers, cheering, traveling, fundraisers and constantly adjusting schedules throughout the week. Did I also mention, getting your toddler excited to go to the games?  

It may seem like a lot and yes, it can be, but it truly is what our family now looks forward to.  

To avoid extra stress and running around like a toddler with a lost toy, here are a few tips I use to prepare myself: 

  • Prior to the season starting, talk to your toddler about going to the games and watching dad coach. If possible, take your toddler to a few practices. Watching (and helping) with practice can be exciting and fun. They always get a kick out of that.  
  • Once the schedule is out make sure you adjust your calendar accordingly with any personal or toddler activities after work. This is always helpful, however, things still tend to change due to weather.  
  • Game Day: it is always important to pack a little fun bag/snack bag for your toddler. Fill it with anything that will keep them busy (ex: books, learning pad, crayons, cars, etc.). also recommend packing some juice, water and snacks. This helps eliminate multiple trips to the concession stand (and going broke from popcorn and candy purchases). 
  • Get your toddler to cheer and be involved. Dance between time outs and half time. It’s fun for all.  

These are just a few tips that have helped me. There is so much more but you get the flow. Just a few games into the season my toddler and I can’t wait for game day!  

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