April 4, 2019  |  Written By Shirley Long

It’s not an easy thing watching your only daughter fly off into the sunset on her way to a dream-job experience overseas. Part of you is excited and the other part is terrified. However, this gives you the perfect reason to finally embark on your first international travel experience.

Well, my first international experience didn’t exactly start the way I had planned. In the end, it was an amazing adventure but if I did it again, there are certainly some things I would change.

Here’s my top 5 list of things to keep in mind to make your first ever international trip a success!

1. International flights offer so much more than domestic flights. I thought I was so prepared. I had my blanket, pillow, water, snacks and tablet all set to go. Turns out, international flights provide all of this and accommodate you with seat monitors for movies, games, etc.

2. Scope out the airport you’re flying in to. Unfortunately, I did not and ended up getting lost in a Paris airport. Even worse, I missed my connecting flight. Oops!

3. Plan for the lost luggage nightmare. Of course, my luggage would get lost. Rookie international traveler, it couldn’t happen to a more unexperienced person! Hindsight, I wish I would have packed less so I could have stowed a carry on. Lost luggage? No problem, I have extra!

4. Noise cancelling head phones. Game changer. Enough said.

5. Relax. In the end, you are going to get to your destination one way or another. Go with the flow and enjoy the whole experience of traveling internationally!

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