March 21, 2019  |  Written By Kelly Shikany

My professional career is built around helping people prepare for living the life they desire at some point in the future. Delayed gratification is no easy feat in the age of binge-watching Netflix and one-click shopping with Amazon Prime.

How do we encourage a generation of people to enjoy their “walk on the beach” moment that most retirement-focused commercials play ad nauseam on TV? You are going to need to set aside some of your current paycheck to prepare for a future day!

In some situations,I have chosen tough love.

It (sometimes)works with my kids and it also can work with clients. I ask them to envision another word for retirement. Unemployed. When you are unemployed, you have no paycheck.

How then do we prepare for that moment to live the life they are envisioning without having to move in with their kids? Yes, I have had clients tell me that is their plan. And I do not think they have shared that nugget with their eventual roomies.

In the book, Advice That Sticks: How to give financial advice that people will follow by Moira Somers, PH.D. She recognizes “helping people do sensible things with their money is just as hard as getting people to do right things for their health. As a result, financial professionals can feel like the spoilsports at the party of life, urging prudence and moderation while the fun guys are rolling out the kegs of beer and trays of nachos”. *

Working with a financial advisor can help you achieve your goals for the future and keep you accountable on the path toward retirement. Developing a financial plan can serve as the foundation for your plans.

And once you are successful and retirement is a reality, bring on the nachos and Corona to enjoy after your beachside stroll.


*(Chapter 1 The Value of Advice that Sticks)

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